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Mellon Charles present
A'Mhòine Tapes

Live performance & installation, 2019

Excerpts from A'Mhoine Tapes (2019)

Mellon Charles is a dialogue of transient spirits with a spacetime in common. Conversations are initiated through a process known as Dialling where Mellon Charles invite members of the present (animal, mineral or vegetable) to express themselves through electronic tone. L.A.R.K (Landscape Audio Response Kit), acting as medium, enters a trance channel to then convey the resultant findings back to the assembled members in the form of music.

All audio, video and rituals were recorded and performed on location at the proposed site of the U.K’s first spaceport, A' Mhòine, Sutherland. The site is located on a blanket bog and is currently at the centre of a land ownership dispute between local residents, crofters, environmental activists, the Highland and Islands Enterprise, the UK Government, Orbex and Lockheed Martin. 


By dialling this space, Mellon Charles have unearthed the voice of the bog, listening in to a speculative acoustic ecology and giving the ecosystem an opportunity to respond to the current destabilised narrative of A' Mhòine.


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