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I am an artist and researcher working with a combination of living materials and technology, negotiating new relationships between the two by networking them in environmentally responsive installations, films and performances. My work is driven by an interest in the porous relationship between sound, matter and environment; By combining ancient and contemporary technologies and practices, I intend to find new ways to perform, communicate with and take part in wider ecologies.

I am currently undertaking a PhD examining how ecological knowledge that is implicit in Scottish Gaelic literature and oral traditions may be expressed in sonic, moving image and performance-based artworks. Through this research I aim to produce creative methods for navigating contemporary environmental issues, including climate change and biodiversity loss, by bringing Gaelic archival materials into a dialogue with contemporary ecological scholarship. I am taking practice-led ecocritical approach to Scottish Gaelic Folklore and engaging collections materials at the University of Edinburgh and Sabhal Mòr Ostaig to generate conversations between the Gaelic speaking community, the environmental humanities and the arts.

I am currently based in Edinburgh.

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